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Suzanne Maloy

I received my Fireside soy candle in the mail that I ordered from @amhebbel and it smells so good!!! @edbassmaster Thank You Anna and Ed ❤️#amhsoycandles

Anna Salzmann

I am a happy customer!! Your candles really hold their scent and burn for hours without losing a lot of wax!! Thank You!!! I will be a repeat customer! :)

Theresa Boles

 I received my new batch of candles and I am so very pleased! The fragrances are divine, the packaging beautiful and the purity of ingredients make them the only candle I'll ever want to burn! The addition of gift tags was really a pleasant surprise! They are a lovely, thoughtful gift so I always keep some extra on hand. Seriously, it is the best candle on the market...why would you want anything else? Thank you Anna for the love you pour into your candle creations!

Sarah Krueger

I ordered Brandied Pear, and it smells amazing!!! It was delivered quickly, packaged nicely, and Anna was prompt and helpful when I had a question. I'd definitely recommend these candles. I've been a candle lover for years, and this is one of the best scents I've found.

Theresa Boles:

This is the only candle I'll ever burn! They are purely divine! I like to keep some on hand and I always have a spur of the moment, thoughtful gift at the ready!

Becky Williams:

These are the best smelling candles!! Hand-poured & soy ... Peppermint vanilla is my favorite right now 💚

Maureen Nietfeld:

I’m obsessed with pumpkin cinnamon and autumn leaves

Kelley Sansing Hornberger:

Hi Friends!

If you love yummy scented candles, you MUST check out my friend Anna’s candles!! They are beautifully decorated and she has awesome scents!!! They make the perfect gift, especially for the holidays!! Definitely check out her shop friends!! Thanks! Xoxo

Emily Stracka Kreisher:

I am loving my peppermint candle!! 💖💖💖

Tash G.:

Listen Lady. I have got a bone to pick with U! WHY DIDN'T U HAVE ME ORDER MORE OF THESE WONDERFUL CANDLES!? 😂 Oh my goodness! Tatum is going to promote U on her Insta, Facebook & snapchat. And I will be ordering a couple more for my mother in law (for Christmas) & myself in the near future!!! Our whole house loves both scents & we immediately started burning them when we got them 2day! And how about that lightening fast shipping!!! Thank U so very much! Blessings Anna 🙏! If we ever make it out UR way we must meet for lunch 😁

David Miller:

: [email protected]

Text: Just received these in the mail! These are amazing. The scents are long lasting and pleasant and the hand made art designs are a beautiful personal touch. I love giving these candles as gifts. You will too! David Miller

I keep taking off the lids to smell them, lol. The cinnamon vanilla is definitely a favorite.

Linda Biddle Snyder:

My candles offer a light scent even when not burning. I take off the top and rest it against the candle. When lit they burn clean and the scent is light but fills the room. Definitely 5 Star quality �

Harold N Dorset:

Anna look what came today!!! ;-) Oh my does it smell sooooooooooooo good!!! Im taking it to Moms tomorrow for her to smell. thank you my friend!!!! I love it!!